3 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

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Remodeling a bathroom is nearly always more expensive than you expect, but costs can really escalate if you make any errors in space planning, new fixture selection, or quality of construction. Here are three steps you should carefully consider.

Planning the work

Your remodeling plans should solve existing issues, such as those regarding functionality, accessibility, and ultimately, your property’s value. Plans should meet current building and safety codes and improve the home’s attractiveness.


Some homeowners underestimate the costs of renovations and then cut corners to fit an unrealistic budgetThe Family Handyman advises that the money you save by doing the work yourself can come back to bite you. It’s too easy for DIYers to buy the wrong sized drainage piping or install them at the wrong slope for proper drainage, causing frequent clogs and leaks. It’s also common to skip installing ventilation fans, but they’re important to help prevent mold, mildew, and household odors. If you’re not a licensed plumber or electrician or trained carpenter, you should budget for professional help.

Layout changes

According to Architectural Digest, the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is changing your bathroom layout, including the labor required to remove, demolish, and dispose of current fixtures and surfaces. Tearing up floors to relocate plumbing pipes and changing the electrical wiring for new light fixtures and outlets is expensive. If the interior design changes you want to make truly add value to the home, go ahead. Otherwise, stick to improving surfaces and fixtures only.

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