Should You Move to a Zoom Town?

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Remote workers are migrating from high-priced cities with few housing choices in search of real estate gold—larger, cheaper homes that offer a better lifestyle.

According to, telecommuting is here to stay. Zoom towns outside of major cities like Centennial, Colorado (Denver metro); Frisco, Texas (Dallas metro); Bellevue, Washington (Seattle metro); Carlsbad, California (San Diego metro); and Fremont, California (San Francisco Bay Area) are close to big-city amenities but are more affordable. However, increasing demand is making zoom town homes more expensive.

If you telecommute, consider the following:

Your commute. Will your new home have a sequestered area where you can telecommute comfortably away from household noise and distractions? What would your commute be like if your employer wanted you in the office part of the week?

Your required services. Small remote towns may not have reliable high-speed internet, high-rated schools, restaurants or other niceties you’re used to. Can you afford to spend more on a home in order to remain closer to the big city?

Your lifestyle preferences. How luxurious do you want your home to be? Luxury means lots of space and beautiful views. What activities do you enjoy? Can you do those things better or more often in another community?

Your family’s needs. More space means more privacy. Will the kids get along better if they have separate bedrooms?

The zoom town home that’s right for you and your family could be just minutes away. For advice, speak with your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional.

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