Apps That Keep Your Houseplants Alive

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Houseplants bring earthy beauty to interiors, but they can quickly show signs of decline if they don’t get the correct amount of sun, nutrients and water. When your favorite plant turns into a droopy, brown mess, where can you turn for help?

Google Play or Apple might not be your first move, but they have excellent apps that can help you choose, care for, and grow healthy beautiful plants. You can use an app to help you save a sickly plant, talk to the app’s team of botanists, and set reminders for watering, fertilizing, pruning and other plant care, advises

Download or PictureThis the next time you visit a nursery to help you choose plants that will thrive in your home or garden. Use the app when you’re on a nature hike to help you identify edible plants and keep you from walking into that tangle of poison ivy.

Bloomscape’s Vera app offers a great way to document your plants, customize watering and fertilizing schedules, and journal about your plants as well as store pics of them as they grow. Plantnote is an app diary that allows pics with a data backup option, and it integrates with Google Lens to identify plants with Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Reader’s Digest rates Planta as the best plant-care app for 2023, and it’s an Editor’s Choice on the App Store. The paid subscription includes a light meter and access to Dr. Planta for troubleshooting plant disease and other advice.

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